School will open on time despite remaining storm damage

FLEMING COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- As thousands of kids head back to school this month, those in Flemingsburg say they’re lucky to be starting classes on time after last months storms damaged multiple buildings including the town’s elementary school.

District officials here in Fleming County say the first day of school will start on time this Thursday but they say it could still take months to clean up the damage from this summers storms.

Fleming County Schools Superintendent Brian Creasman offered a tour of the areas still in need of repair after a storm rolled through Flemingsburg in July, flooding the district office and damaging the roof of the next door elementary school.

“I’ve been an administrator for several years and I have never experienced anything like this,” said Creasman.

Creasman says the storm destroyed a good amount of district furniture and supplies and totally destroyed the outside awning attached to the elementary school.

“We will replace the awning and also repair this roof right in this area,” said Creasman.

But he says with the help of the community the district has been able to repair enough of the buildings to make them safe to start the 2017 school year on time.

“Which is a benefit for our students that nothing this year is going to be impacted and that was really our primary focus,” said Creasman.

School officials say they’re lucky in that they believe they have enough money in their contingency fund to cover the costs of the damage from the storm and say they’re happy to get back to their real job of educating the kids of Fleming County.

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