School district: Former employee arrested for misusing public funds

FLEMING COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Kentucky State Police say they have arrested the former head of district-wide operations in the Fleming County school district for reportedly misusing more that $100,000 of school district money.

KSP says 45-year-old Gregory Conway is charged with abuse of public trust.

The school superintendent on Facebook says Conway’s accused of manipulating the district’s financial systems and abusing his position of authority for years.

The superintendent also says new safeguards are in place so something like this never happens again.

Here is the full statement from Superintendent Brian Creasman:

Dear Fleming Countians,

As it has been several weeks since I last provided an official update regarding the fraud investigation that Fleming County Schools is currently conducting, I feel it is necessary to keep everyone abreast of where we are in the process. But first, let me say, I want to thank everyone for their support of Fleming County Schools, our staff members, and confidence in our approach to holding this individual accountable. This is a very complex investigation that will take some time to conclude.

Today,the Kentucky State Police arrested Gregory Conway, the former Director of District-wide Operations for abuse of public trust over $100,000. The current investigation continues.

As the investigation continues we have learned that the irregularities were so complex that even our external auditors were unable to detect them each year. Fleming County Schools continues to investigate this matter as we make sure we fully understand how this individual was able to manipulate the system. Over the past several months, we have been able to implement additional safeguards that will protect public funds going forward. We are still working to implement additional protocols as we find irregularities.

Mrs. Hill, the Board Attorney and I have been working closely with the district’s financial consultant, the Kentucky State Police, and the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. Over the past several weeks we continued to discover irregularities that only added another layer to this already complex investigation. Fleming County Schools is continuing our internal investigation parallel to the external investigation by the Kentucky State Police. Our financial consultant is sharing information regularly with the state police as we seek to discover precisely how the irregularities occurred.

What we have discovered up to this point in the investigation is an individual who, over the course of several years, orchestrated the manipulation of people, the altering of district financial systems and safeguards, and abused positional authority all for personal gain. As I mentioned previously, the fraud is not an organizational issue, but instead an act of one individual who betrayed the public trust and the trust of the people in the district.

Like you, we await the day when restitution is made and justice is served.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Our Journey Continues…

Brian K. Creasman
Fleming County Schools

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