School bus driver shortage in Fayette Co.

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) — Fayette County Public Schools is experiencing a shortage of bus drivers.

With school starting back on August 15th, this issue is causing some concern.

Transportation director Marcus Dobbs says he’s lost 10 bus drivers in the last two weeks.

He says the issue with finding drivers is the schedule.

“Transportation bus drivers and monitors are the only ones that have to do what we call a split shift,” Dobbs says. “Which is basically they work about three hours in the morning then they’re off for about four to five hours and then they come back to work another three hours in the afternoon.”

As far as incentives go, Dobbs says bus drivers are guaranteed six hours a day so they’re eligible for benefits.

He says drivers can start out making anywhere from $14 to $18 an hour depending on experience.

He also adds everyday a driver works the morning and afternoon shift they get an extra dollar on the hour.

Dobbs say he will have to use all his relief drivers, which is essentially a back up driver.

But potential drivers could also include anyone who works at the bus garage since all employees have to have a commercial license.

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