School board votes to close McKinney Elementary

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – An elementary school in Lincoln County will be closing its doors for good once the school year ends.

Thursday night, the school board voted to close McKinney Elementary School.

The superintendent says the district is spending too much money to keep McKinney open and the district is spending more money on McKinney than any other school.

He says the building has asbestos tiles, windows are not energy efficient, and the heating system could stop working at a moment’s notice.

Despite the problems, parents are upset and say they are bothered there aren’t any representatives from their school on the board.

“I’m sorry but they’re in the wrong business because evidently they don’t care about these kids. If they did they would not choose to close McKinney down,” said Vanessa Goodin, parent.

Students that are attending McKinney Elementary School will be going to Hustonville Elementary School, which is approximately six miles away.

Some parents aren’t satisfied with that and are considering other options.

“My husband and I have looked into private schools and home schooling,” said Goodin.

Parents say they will fight to keep McKinney open by having their voices heard.

The superintendent says all tenured staff will be able to keep their jobs and will be transferred to Husstonville Elementary with their students.

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