Safety tips to follow this Fourth of July

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – Fourth of July is this weekend, and with that of course comes the yearly reminder of being mindful and staying safe.

If you have neighbors who are veterans and may have PTSD or dogs who tend to get anxious, the Lexington fire department encourages you to avoid loud fireworks.

Battalion Chief Jordan Saas says anything that goes up or blows up is illegal, “We recommend purchasing fireworks that are what we call safe and sane. It’s the type of firework that doesn’t leave the ground and so that includes sparklers and fountains, smokeballs, snakes, ground spinning fireworks, pinwheels, noisemakers, and some crackling items.”

Saas says almost 20,000 fires are started by fireworks on annual bases.

Some advice Saas gave is for adults to always supervise, do not purchase fireworks in brown paper bags, that’Ss because it’s a sign they were made for professional displays, not residential use, and after the fireworks are completely done burning, he says douse the remains with water before throwing it away.

Saas wants to remind you that there should not be pressure to use items that involve fire, some other options for a fun Fourth of July could involve glow sticks, red white and blue silly string, family craft projects, or you could even throw a birthday party for America, but Saas says don’t forget the cake.

And you can always attend a firework show and watch from your car or in a lawn chair nearby.

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