How to safely view the solar eclipse

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – You might have more questions about how to view the eclipse safely and how to take pictures of it. It has been 38 years since the last total solar eclipse seen in the U.S., so it has never been photographed digitally.

The idea is so new to photographers, Canon held a class in Lexington on how to safely and properly take pictures of the rare event. Ken Sklute, a light specialist in photography says it’s not going to be easy, you can’t just simply snap a photo of it.

“You’ll be searching for a new camera, you know, you have to have some protection from the lens, so the idea of just pointing a camera at the sun for that length of time and the intensity of the sun is going to hurt the sensor.”

Sklute says you have to have a special lens to take a picture and you can’t use a smart phone.

“Solar filters are made specifically for solar eclipses because there have been solar eclipses all through life, this isn’t a new way of filtering, these filters have been around for awhile but yet technology brings better elements to bring together that protects both peoples cameras and vision.”

Even though the solar eclipse will last for only two minutes, it can be extremely dangerous to look at, even just for a few seconds.

“The one thing no one wants to do is actually see this with the naked eye.”

A local Ophthalmologist says looking at the eclipse can destroy your reading and color vision.

“You can end up with totally circular blind spots for the rest of your life so the key is to use good judgement which includes good protection for viewing this which absolutely under no circumstances should even anyone even glance up at the sun during this eclipse.”

So if you would like to see the sun, moon and earth align for yourself, remember to order some solar glasses and a solar lens because we won’t see the next eclipse until 2024.

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