RPD: Kidnapping “victim” angling for ransom

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Police in Richmond say a man who reported that he had been kidnapped was, in fact, hoping to collect the ransom for his own purposes.

According to the Richmond Register newspaper, 20-year-old Austin M. Kaylor, of Waco, told his family that he had been kidnapped and was being held on Ballard Drive with a ransom of $150 dollars.  Kaylor reportedly told his family that if the ransom wasn’t received he would be killed.

Richmond officers investigating the report found Kaylor in the location of Ballard Drive.  They say that Kaylor initially attempted to run off, but was quickly apprehended.  Officers then say they were able to determine that Kaylor had not been kidnapped.  According to the paper, Kaylor admitted to police that he had invented the story to “get money from his family so he could purchase narcotics.”

Kaylor was charged with falsely reporting an insident, disorderly conduct, theft by deception, and fleeing or evading police.

Information from the Richmond Register

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