Rock hunting the new trend

MOUNT STERLING, Ky. (WTVQ) – Last summer, the all too familiar “Pokemon Go” app craze was in full swing across the U.S., but instead of hunting Pokemon, people are now out looking for rocks. One community in Central Kentucky has its very own group.

You can find rocks all over Mount Sterling, but some rocks are unlike the rest. These colorful rocks are part of a new trend that is sweeping the nation. The object of the game is to paint rocks of all different shapes and sizes with any design or pattern. The artist then hides them out in the community for others to find. Whoever finds the rock must re-hide it to keep the hunt going.

“Its just been really really great to see all the kids and the parents and grand parents get out in the neighborhood and get away from the television for a while and the video games.”

“It just helps people hang out together, it brings you together as a family, sit around the table paint the rocks, hide them together, find them together, it’s a lot of fun.”

Rock hunting is becoming a popular family pastime. The craze has made it’s way through the country with hundreds of different Facebook groups with hunters posting their finds. The latest one, Mt. Sterling KY Rocks, created by Aaron Gandee and his wife Heather which has almost 3,000 members. He says the hunt brings so much more than fun.

“We have had experiences, especially when the people are having a bad day or something going on in their life that’s not very positive and they find these little rocks with inspirational messages, it kind of brightens their day up, gets their mind off the negativity.”

The Facebook group updates hunters with the latest finds, rock drops, and hiding place hints in the area.

“Mainly downtown and in the center of downtown and redboxes, there is a lot at redboxes and grocery stores and different places like that, most of the people sometimes just hide it right her by the courthouse, sometimes they hide them at the entrance.”

To track a rock, anyone can join a Facebook group and use the page to follow it’s progress

A rock painting party will be held at Tomatoes and Flames in Mount Sterling on Tuesday July 25th at 5 P.M. Just bring some rocks, they have paint and brushes.

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