Road safety and conditions after first major snowfall

Kentucky Department of Highways Public Information Officer Natasha Lacy says to be aware of black ice

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Following the first major snowfall of the season, officials in Lexington and the surrounding areas are working hard to get roads cleared.

According to Kentucky Department of Highways Public Information Officer Natasha Lacy, crews have been working diligently to clear roads in Lexington and the surrounding counties all day Thursday, and will be working in shifts overnight to continue to do so into Friday morning. Lacy says salt and calcium chloride will be used to help melt the snow and ice.

In Lexington, crews are plowing the most heavily used roads first, and plan to plow less used roads into Thursday night and early Friday morning, according to City of Lexington Communications Director Susan Straub. As the night goes on, crews will start to focus on plowing as temperatures continue to drop, and will start salting tomorrow, says Straub.

However, officials are warning people to stay off the roads as much as possible on Friday unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to drive, recommending that you allow plenty of time to get to your destination if you have to leave your house.

“It would be best to stay off the roads if you can. I understand not everyone can do that, so if you do need to leave your home, leave with enough time to get to your destination,” said Lacy.

Lacy says to give officials trying to help plenty of space to do their job on the roads.

“You want to drive slow, and not be distracted, you want to give your full attention to the highway, you’ll want to leave a lot of space between you and the next vehicle. If you do see snow plow trucks or other trucks trying to help, you’ll want to give them a lot of space too to do their job,” said Lacy.

Lacy also says that even if the roads look clear, there is still the danger of black ice.

“You have to remember that previously treated roads, whether salt, calcium chloride, or clearing snow is fine until temperatures drop. Once temperatures drop, black ice can form. That’s always something to keep in mind that when you’re driving, there’s can still be patches of black ice there,” said Lacy.

Governor Beshear also told drivers to stay off the roads unless you are an essential worker. It’s not just for your safety, but to keep the roads clear for essential workers to do their jobs.

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