Road Crews Working To Clear Roads After Ice Storm

After an ice storm snarled traffic overnight, most of the main roads and interstates throughout Central Kentucky were cleared by Wednesday morning’s commute.

Road crews in Lexington and throughout the Bluegrass were working hard overnight trying to get the roads cleared of slick spots.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet snow plows were up and down the interstates, making sure they were plowed and salted. Crews used a method called a "conga line," where multiple plows work together in a staggered pattern to clear the interstate from left-to-right.

Officials said there were a few traffic slow downs as road crews used this method to treat different areas overnight, but interstates were moving at their normal speeds by the morning commute.

Many side streets were still providing slippery conditions Wednesday morning, causing officials at Lexington’s Division of Roads and Streets to share concern about people traveling on those secondary roads.

On Clay Avenue, just a few blocks from downtown Lexington, slushy and slippery conditions were still present during the morning rush hour.

Even with changing conditions, Lexington Police and Kentucky State Police did not respond to any overnight weather-related accidents, officials said.

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