UPDATE: Funeral Arrangements Set for Hunter Shean

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – 19-year old Hunter Shean, of Richmond, who struggled with leukemia for years, lost his battle on Tuesday.

Just over a week ago, ABC 36 covered Hunter spending a day with his favorite superhero, Batman, on Sunday, November 27th.

John Buckland, who portrays Batman as a part of his “Heroes for Higher” program.

He released a statement on his Facebook page, saying “Our buddy and hero Hunter passed away 20 minutes ago.  I am honored that we were able to give him the best last week ever.  Fly high buddy; Young Heroes never die, they go to heaven to inspire the angels.”

Shean’s funeral is set for Monday the 12th at 11:00 a.m. at Oldham, Roberts and Powell in Richmond.

His parents have set up a GoFundMe page to help offset funeral expenses.

To donate, visit https://www.gofundme.com/31kxvow


11/27/16 10:42 p.m.

“How cool was it to ride in the bat-mobile?” ABC 36 asked 19-year-old Hunter Shean.

“Awesome,” he replied.

Shean has been battling leukemia for the past few years and doctors fear he is nearing the end of his fight. Hunter’s sister-in-law, Kaitlynn contacted batman because hunter was too old for the Make a Wish Foundation. Batman is Hunter’s favorite super hero and Kaitlynn wanted him to have a special surprise.

“It will be a day where he doesn’t remember all the pain he went through the past few years and he’ll just have one day of total happiness,” she said.

Batman, also known as John Buckland is a part of Heroes for Higher, which works to inspire children to be the hero. He had his sidekick Nightwing join in for the big surprise.

“This really is an awesome day because we took somebody else who is fighting cancer to come and share their courage with you because you’re having a tough time, right? So even in the middle of his battle he comes to empower you,” Buckland said.

Hunter was able to meet 16 year-old Tyler Romero, who plays Nightwing and is also battling leukemia. In addition to making a new friend, Hunter also had a few more surprises.

Hunter was able to ride in the Bat-mobile and also got to keep one of Batman’s cowls. Family members say it was a great day that brought a smile to Hunter’s face during all his suffering. Now, his family is just praying for a miracle.

“I want to let him know I love him. Pray for him. Hope the lord will move a miracle on him and heal him because I think that’s what it’s going to take for him now,” Doug Shean, Hunter’s Father, said.

For more information on Heroes For Higher, click here.


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