Richmond PD looking for suspect passing counterfeit bills

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – Richmond Police are asking for help from the public in identifying a man they say is passing counterfeit $20 bills in the area.

According to officers, the man in the picture went to the Walmart in Richmond and paid for $300.00 worth of merchandise with the bogus money.

Suspect, Surveillance, Counterfeit

Surveillance photo captures suspect who reportedly passed counterfeit money at the Richmond Walmart. (Photo Courtesy: Richmond Police Department)

Anyone who can identify the man is asked to call Richmond Police at (859) 623-1162.

Officers are also offering advice to retailers on how to spot counterfeit money, saying that knowing a bill’s security features can make it a lot tougher for counterfeiters to successfully pass any “funny money.”  Here is there advice on what to look for:

  • Color and Color-Shifting Ink
    • Look for added background colors that make the bill’s design more complicated and difficult to counterfeit. Both sides of the bill will have peach, green, and blue colors in addition to the traditional black and green. At the right of President Andrew Jackson’s portrait, the words “TWENTY USA” are printed in blue, and small yellow “20”‘s are printed on the back of the bill surrounding the image of the White House.
    • Color-shifting ink is present at “20” in the bottom right corner of the bill. It will change from copper to green when you tilt the bill.
  • Security Thread and Watermark. Two identifying features of the new twenty-dollar bill become visible on each side of the twenty-dollar bill when it is held up to the light.
    • The security thread is a strip of plastic that is located towards the left side of the front of the bill. When held to the light, the thread with the words, “USA twenty” and an image of a flag become visible. Under ultraviolet light, this thread will have a green glow.
    • The watermark is a faint image of President Andrew Jackson’s portrait that is on the right side of the front of the bill. Turn the bill over and you will see that it is visible on both sides of the bill.
  • Portrait and Vignette, and Symbols of Freedom.
    • On the newest twenty-dollar bill, the portrait of President Andrew Jackson is no longer enclosed in an oval and surrounded by fine lines. His portrait has been positioned a bit higher and his shoulders are now visible through the lower border.
    • The vignette, or vine leaves, tendril, and grape ornamentation, that surrounded the White House on the back of older twenty-dollar bills has been removed.
    • The symbol chosen to represent freedom on the twenty-dollar bill is the American eagle. On the front of the bill there is a large blue eagle in the background on the left side. This eagle is also another example of how the color blue has been added to the new bills. A smaller eagle can be found at the lower right on the front of the bill.

Some features, such as President Andrew Jackson’s portrait, are present on all twenty-dollar bills. All bills should be printed on a United States currency paper. U.S. currency paper is made of seventy-five percent cotton and twenty-five percent linen with red and blue synthetic fibers distributed evenly throughout. This currency paper is durable and can aid in counterfeit detection. Retailers and other concerned individuals can purchase counterfeit detection pens to detect counterfeit bills. When the ink from one of these pens encounters a false bill, it reacts with the paper and changes color to indicate a counterfeit bill.

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