Richmond Man Charged with Kidnapping & Attempted Rape

A night of fun turned into a kidnapping and attempted sexual assault, according to Richmond police.

A woman told an officer that she and a friend were at a Lexington night club early on December 29th, when they contacted 30-year-old Justin Kavanaugh, of Richmond, for a ride home.

Kavanaugh and another man showed up at around 2:45 to pick the two women up.

The woman says she took two or three drinks from a bottle of gin the two men passed to her while on the road. After drinking from the bottle, the woman says she started feeling sick and couldn’t remember much of what happened next.

Her friend says the woman began acting as if she had been slipped some type of drug and became practically helpless. The friend told police that Kavanaugh drove the two women around Lexington for a while before heading to Richmond.

She says after they got to Richmond, Kavanaugh kept driving them around and making other stops, in spite of her pleas to be taken home.

Police say Kavanaugh eventually took the two women to one of their apartments, and although they tried to get him to leave, he followed them inside.

Officers say one of the women locked herself in a bedroom, and when Kavanaugh realized he couldn’t get in, he focused his attention on the other woman.

That’s when she says he began to grope her. When she rejected his advances, Kavanaugh left — around four hours after picking the two women up.

He was spotted some time later at a home on Hampton Way. Police held him for questioning and found a gin bottle, some amoxicillian, and a small amount of cocaine on him.

Kavanaugh was taken to the Madison County Detention Center and charged with kidnapping, sexual abuse, possession of a controlled substance, and attempted rape.

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