Rhema Word group uses fun, kickball to raise child abuse awareness

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – With families being home together, communities across Kentucky have reported an increase in domestic violence and child abuse during the pandemic.

A community group that provides services, help and outreach for victims held a day of fun and kickball Saturday to raise awareness of the growing problem.

Myron and Rivva Williams, the executive directors of the Rhema Word Foundation, know something about the issue. They lost a child to abuse in 2004.

“I believe some people have become numb to the situation because it’s happening so often. But it’s not OK so we want to bring that to the forefront that abuse or domestic violence is not OK,” Rivva Williams said during the event held at Kirklevington Park in Lexington.

To find out more about services or how to help, visit www.rhemawings.com.

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