Restaurants offer carryout & delivery to stay in business

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The economic consequences of the measures we’re all taking to prevent the coronavirus are great.

Local restaurants and bars were forced to shut down about a week ago and are trying to stay in business by adding carryout and delivery.

Ranada Riley owns Ranada’s Bistro and Bar in Lexington. She says sales started slowing down last week and dropped about 85%.

“We need you. This will end and we need to help us make it through it,” said Ranada Riley, Co-Owner.

Riley strategized and started marketing her curbside carryout option. She also added a delivery service.

Now, she’s trying to get on delivery service apps like Uber Eats and GrubHub.

“We’re seeing curbside more than anything else and I believe it’s because people want to get out of the house,” said Riley.

Riley says with these options she’s at about 20% of her normal sales.

She will be offering more deals so people keep ordering. Updates will be posted on the business’ Facebook page.

Bella Notte in Lexington is also trying to keep customers coming.

General Manager, Kyle Knight expected about a 75% drop in sales, but has only see about a 30% drop.

“It’s a learning experience every day and it’s a fluid situation,” said Kyle Knight, General Manager of Bella Notte.

Knight says they are offering curbside carryout and delivery through DoorDash. He’s also trying to get on more delivery service apps.

He says many people are calling in orders and that caused the restaurant to add a third phone line.

In two hours at lunch, his team sent out more than 100 meals.

“You got people who are going to bust their butt you know to give you some good food and make you happy,” said Jeff Middleswart, Customer.

Restaurant owners and managers hope people keep up the momentum of ordering out and supporting places that want to give you a good meal.

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