Restaurant seeing boom months after wet vote in Jessamine County

JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A new Jessamine County business says things are booming after the county voted to go wet in November.

It was one of several counties and cities that approved alcohol sales last year.

“Folks had been kinda waiting for something like this,” Alison Davis, co-owner of Luna’s Coffee, Wine & Butterfly Café said.

It’s an opportunity to not only eat food, drink coffee and lemonade, but to sip on a cocktail right in their hometown.

“Folks seem to be pretty happy here,” Davis said.

Davis said the wet vote made what was once a distant dream reality.

“Because we live so close, we waited,” David said. “This place had been vacant for about 18 months and then when the county decided to go wet, we just jumped right on the opportunity.”

The restaurant combines Davis’ love for running a kitchen with her husband’s love of entomology.

“We’ve been breeding moths and butterflies in our home, and so this provides a wonderful storefront for him to be able to have folks be a part of that,” Davis said.

Davis is also a UK economics professor, and she helps businesses across the state, so she said she knew allowing alcohol sales would help the economy.

“We have seen that when communities go wet, it has had a bit of a boom and we saw the same thing here,” Davis said.

Jessamine County Judge-Executive David West said seven businesses, mostly pre-existing, have applied for liquor licenses.

He said he’s glad people no longer have to travel for alcohol.

“We would like to attract some more restaurants – spread them out a little bit so that everybody has a variety of places they can visit in Jessamine County,” West said.

Jessamine wasn’t the only place that voted to go wet. Other cities and counties include the City of Stanford, Fleming, Boyd and Bath counties.

Flemingsburg Mayor Bobby Money said he likes what he’s seeing so far. Tthe city just held a concert where alcohol was served for the first time in a city park.

“Now, they can buy their beer in town and don’t have to travel 18 miles to Maysville, 27 miles to Morehead or 33 miles to Mount Sterling,” Money said.

Davis, West and Money all say safety will always be a priority, and those who can’t drive should never get behind the wheel.

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