Republican Congressman Andy Barr hosts Election Eve rally

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Republican incumbent Congressman Andy Barr hosted a rally Monday night in the parking lot outside his Lexington office.

At first, people were socially distant and away from the podium, then as Barr approached he invited people forward and then inevitably closer.

Within the first minute of his stump speech, a protester started yelling at Barr. Then a few minutes later another tried the same, both being asked to leave and did without incident.

Barr spoke about ‘getting results’ going over his accomplishments in office. Another observation, Barr spoke a lot of national issues and the Republican ticket.

While hicks’ campaign has been arguing barr isn’t invested on the ground….We talked to a barr supporter who feels like barr could be his neighbor.

“He’s a decent guy. I mean he’s someone that you would trust. I’d have no problem if he was my neighbor,” Jerry Hensley said.

Hensley also says even though he’s a veteran he doesn’t support fellow veterans Hicks or McGrath calling them too liberal.


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