Refugee family reunites in Lexington after more than a decade apart

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Now that President Trump’s travel ban has been blocked in court, a Refugee family has finally been able to reunite here in Lexington after more than a decade apart.

Veneranda Mwasali says she was separated from her two adult children twelve years ago while fleeing conflict in their native Congo but that all changed Friday night.

It was all smiles and a few tears in the terminal at Blue Grass Airport Friday night as Mwasali was reunited with her two adult children David and Angel.

“My heart is very, very, very strong,” said Mwasali.

The family was separated while fleeing the conflict in the Congo.

Mwasali and her younger children made it the the U.S. and since then has been trying to get David and Angel here too.

“After knowing that my parents were here in 2014 there. That’s when we started the process and up to now,” said David Mwasali.

But after three years of waiting, David and Angel almost didn’t make it to Lexington when a few weeks ago President Trump signed an executive order temporarily banning all refugees from entering the country.

But then the courts blocked Trump’s ban and now Mwasali’s kids are finally home.

“I’m really so happy. Thank you so much for the government. Everyone was, who tried to help us to reach here. Thank you so much. I’m really so happy. I really don’t know what to say,” said Angel Mwasali.

The family so happy to finally be together.

“I’ll take my family out and enjoy. I feel the girls I miss because I’ve never bought them anything, for my young boys anything. So I think I’m going to make them happy,” said David Mwasali.

David and Angel’s case worker says they already have an apartment set up for the two in Lexington and will now begin the process of acclimating to the U.S.

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