Refuge for Women opens its first Kentucky emergency shelter for trafficked women

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A non-profit, faith based group says it is opening its first emergency shelter for women in Kentucky.

Refuge for Women (RFW) says it’s been helping women escape sex trafficking or sexual exploitation for eleven years.

Its shelter in Kentucky should be able to serve 50-80 women each year.

It will provide a place to live plus trauma-informed services.

“What this house is going to do is allow for law enforcement and other non-government organizations to get women off the streets and immediately get them into a safe place,” RFW President Ked Frank said.

“Right now if I found a [trafficked] person somewhere in the state of Kentucky the best I can do for them is put them in a hotel room alone and that doesn’t work; these are people that need help; they need to be with a professional,” Ricky Lynn, a detective in the Department of Criminal Investigations under the KY Attorney General said.

“Kentucky’s law enforcement leadership continues to prioritize its efforts toward rescuing victims and convicting traffickers.  We should expect the number of victims to grow each year as the public and the police become more aware of the human trafficking issues right here in our Commonwealth.  We urgently need an appropriate facility that can take these individuals from the streets and start treating their immediate needs of traumatic abuse, drug addiction and manipulative control forced upon them,” John R. Moberly, former Commissioner, Department of Criminal Investigations KY Office of the AG, said.


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