Red Cross Supporting Wildfire Responders

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Since earlier this week, Red Cross workers have been providing canteen support to first responders fighting the wildfires in Harlan County and surrounding areas.

The Red Cross currently has shelters on standby in five counties and is operating two fixed and four mobile feeding operations in Harlan and Perry County.

With the spread of wildfires due to the very dry conditions across the state, the Red Cross has been coordinating closely with community and government partners to provide assistance to those in the vicinity of the wildfires.

If you live in or near an area which is impacted, listen to news reports and download the Red Cross Wildfire or Emergency App.

These are part of a series of disaster-specific apps.

All of these apps put lifesaving information in the palm of your hand before, during and after emergencies.

The top five features of the Red Cross Wildfire app are:

• Preloaded preparedness content that gives instant access to all information even without mobile connectivity.
• Instant access to information from local, state and federal agencies.
• “I’m safe” feature lets family and loved ones know you are ok.
• Locations of open Red Cross shelters.
• Toolkit with a flashlight, strobe light and an audible alarm.

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