Recycling centers feel impact of recycling paper suspension

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Lexington Recycling Center is suspending paper recycling because it can’t get rid of it.

This problem started in 2017 when China stopped accepting paper and plastic materials.

The mills used by the Lexington center are full and can’t take anymore paper.

The center is trying to get rid of tons of paper and is offering it for free, but no place will take it.

The center is forced to send paper to the landfill and it’s asking the public to do the same.

Communities are encouraged to suspend paper recycling if they or their contracted hauler(s) send products to the Lexington center to be processed.

Rumpke Waste and Recycling is one of the places that sends products to Lexington.

On an average day, it sends about ten tons to it.

The communications manager says Rumpke is looking for an alternative, but sending its products to another center could cost more money.

Until Rumpke finds a solution, the communications manager says it will be business as usual.

“Don’t alter your already good recycling habits. Continue placing that paper in your recycling bin and we’re hoping to find a solution here very soon,” said Molly Yaeger, Rumpke corporate communications manager.

Lexington Recycling Center is actively looking for mills as a new destination for paper.

Until then, people should put their paper in the trash.

The center is still collecting dry cardboard.

Due to the paper suspension at Lexington Recycling Center, Winchester Municipal Utilities is suspending all curbside recyclable material.

All curbside recyclables will be sent to the landfill.

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