Ray the D.A. – Lexington Police “Air One” (Part – 1)

In this week’s “Straight Talk” with Ray the D.A., former Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson and ABC 36 Anchor Amber Freeman takes us out to Bluegrass Airport to meet with the crew of Lexington Police’s “Air One”.

The Lexington Police Department’s Air Support Unit is assigned to the Bureau of Special Operations and operates from Bluegrass Airport.

Formed in 2005, the unit currently utilizes two, Bell OH-58C helicopters for various public safety missions. Air Support aircraft are primarily used to support patrol operations such as:Air Support helicopters

Vehicle and foot pursuits

Command and control of major incidents


Other public safety missions

The aircraft are equipped with a FLIR thermal imaging camera, 30-million candlepower spotlight, GPS tactical mapping system, and advanced communications gear. The aircrew consists of a Pilot and a Tactical Flight Officer.

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