Rally’s Kentucky State Fair

Rally’s is the Presenting Sponsor of this year’s KY State Fair. We have created an exclusive burger this year for the State Fair called the Funnel Cake Fries Burger that we will be selling at our food booth on site at the State Fair. It includes two large 100% beef hamburger patties, two slices of American cheese, funnel cake fries & powdered sugar served on a glazed premium bun.

Furthermore, we are going to be doing a statewide promotion leading up to the State Fair that will be selling this year’s Limited-Edition State Fair souvenir cup and be giving out half price State fair parking promotion codes at our restaurants in a State Fair Combo we are selling up until August 15th. The parking promo code allows individuals to get a parking ticket for only $2.50. Individuals can bring their souvenir cup to the fair to receive $1 refills on soda. We will also be selling the cup out at the Fair.

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