Race-themed threats and vandalism push family out of home

LIBERTY, Ky. (Casey Co. Newspaper) – Three children and their biracial parents say they were driven out of their Casey County home, due to racial-themed threats and vandalism.

According to the Casey County Newspaper, Tyrone Guest and his family came home from a Father’s Day celebration to find 4 notes tacked to their porch.

Two of the signs, the couple says, referenced the KKK, while all four used the ‘N’ word. Guest called the State Police, as well as the local Sheriff’s Department to report the incident.

Police say they began their investigation late that night, and by the next morning the couple’s car had been vandalized with the words “KKComing” scratched into the side, and multiple scratches on the hood.

“I moved here and met the nicest white people. One time I ran out of gas and somebody stopped and asked me if I needed help,” Tyrone Guest said. “I know this is not what Casey County’s about.”

 He added that, though he did not find the residents of his area to be racist or bigoted, and this was more likely the work of a coward than the actual KKK, stress from these incidents is becoming too much to deal with

“We’re selling this place and we’re out of here. They succeeded. My wife is 8 months pregnant. She can’t take the stress and she’s fearful. She said ‘What if they set my trailer on fire,’”

Information from Casey County Newspaper

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