Rabbi calls DOCJT using Nazi symbol in training video “Horrifying”

(WTVQ) – Training for 911 operators from the Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT) has a lot of people upset because it contains a Nazi symbol.

A Lexington Rabbi said this is extremely personal.

“That is one spark of light in this story, that someone called this out and said this is wrong,” said Rabbi Shlomo Litvin, Chabad of the Bluegrass.

The DOCJT is under fire for an online course, “911 response to the drug epidemic,” for telecommunicators, which has the Jewish community in shock.

“It’s personally shocking to me and offensive,” said Litvin.

Student journalists at the Manual Redeye in Louisville said an anonymous law enforcement source first alerted them to the controversial clip. It shows a “Black Sun”, historically a Nazi symbol.

“That alone is a horrifying oversight,” Litvin expressed.

Lexington Rabbi Shlomo Litvin said the clip comes from a longer video, not included in the training. He said the longer video promotes Nazi ideology and blames the opioid crisis on the Jewish community.

The DOCJT said it doesn’t know where the clip came from. It was used in training starting in September 2020.

“The issue is not this course. The issue is that there are multiple people who okayed this, who looked it over and said it was fine,” explained Litvin. “What are the last 10 training videos they approved and what’s the next one going to look like?”

Both Governor Andy Beshear and Criminal Justice Training Commissioner Nicolai Jilek said they’re reviewing all current and previous training materials.

Jilek said he immediately had the video removed from the training course.

“I expect the highest level of standards when creating law enforcement training materials for the commonwealth and this will not be tolerated under my leadership,” said Jilek.

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