QSR Automations opens new tech campus

LOUSIVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – QSR Automations, a global restaurant technology company, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the grand opening of their brand new, state-of-the-art technology campus that will also serve as the company’s new global headquarters. The new facility will provide workspace for all executive leadership, administrative teams, customer support services, technology and business development, as well as their marketing and sales teams. This big step completes their holistic vision by connecting the tech campus to the existing technology manufacturing center located on the same grounds.

“QSR Automations has grown by leaps and bounds for 25 years,” says Angela Leet, CEO. “This marks a critical milestone in our history as we continue to build and increase our services as the leader in restaurant technology. Our anniversary is the perfect moment to embrace our success while we continue to evolve and expand into the future.”

The new 37,000-square-foot facility, located on an 8.3-acre tract at 2700 Buddeke Drive, near Zorn Avenue and River Road, will transfer about 140 employees from their previous facility. Prior to the new campus opening, employees were spread out across multiple buildings. The new office space is ideal because the entire headquarters team is now located in one single place, which allows for increased communication, collaboration, and camaraderie.

The campus includes a Work Café – this area mimics the look and feel of a restaurant. Part of the inspiration behind this space was to provide the QSR teams with a creative space not only to immerse themselves in a food service environment a bit more, but the space also gives teams a place to meet, collaborate and plan projects while there. With an upscale feel, the Work Café has a significant footprint within the facility that also provides a place for all to gather for larger events and celebrations.

Employees surveyed about the new space indicated they wanted a workspace that connected with nature. As a result, the interior design echoes features such as natural wood, outdoor lighting and works to bring the outdoors inside. Ample windows and glass interior walls throughout allow natural light to stream through the building interior.

Meeting rooms are dotted throughout the building – offering different sizes and technical capabilities for a multipurpose approach to collaboration. This enables groups of different sizes with different needs to communicate, collaborate and share in a flexible environment. Phone booth pods are available for employees to step into a quiet private space to conduct work, connect with clients or other employees.

This concept positions QSR to utilize the space for varying needs, including their newly established board of advisors. Comprised of approximately 20 client partners and key stakeholders, the board will provide QSR executives with insights and increased understanding about the current challenges and future opportunities facing the food service industry. In turn, providing a fresh, informed perspective to help inspire new innovative technology and solutions to help QSR customers provide a better experience for their guests and staff.

Louisville-based Donhoff Kargl Nall Architects designed the complex, with engineering by Kerr-Greulich Engineers Inc., Heritage Engineering LLC, and Leonard Engineering. General Contractors, Kelley Construction and MC Associates, along with many other local business owners and subcontractors were responsible for the buildings and park-like features of the QSR Technology Campus build-out over the last 3 years. Creating an amazing addition for the River Road corridor.

“As we’ve grown, the needs for our employees and our customers have changed,” said Leet. “This new tech campus is a critical step in ensuring that we can continue to serve existing clients as well as attract new customers.”

Twenty-five years ago, Lee Leet founded the company while working as a consultant for a large quick service restaurant chain. He was tasked with creating a state-of-the-art kitchen solution for their multi-brand concept. Lee then steered away from consulting to start his own company. Next, he developed that kitchen solution – which was ultimately utilized by the same quick service chain. He eventually signed on more and more customers, and the company, as well as his technology, has continued to grow ever since.

QSR’s ConnectSmart Platform continues to create calmer kitchens, simpler workflows, and happier guests. The company is also evolving into new vertices, including Retirement Communities, Cruise Ships, Stadiums, and more. Their ConnectSmart Platform powers several major restaurant chains including KFC, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Chilis, Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, and Outback Steakhouse.

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