Purchase an Ale-8-One longneck returnable bottle, help the environment

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – Ale-8-One is well known throughout Kentucky. The company has been around for 92 years but they want to make sure customers know they still have their longneck returnable bottles and how buying one helps the environment.
Marketing Director Sarah Chamberlain says they are one of just a few soda companies in the country that still has a returnable bottle.
“They are important to the environment in preserving Kentucky’s beautiful outdoors,” said Chamberlain.
Chamberlain says they are part of an effort called ‘1% for the Planet’ that donates one percent of their sales from returnable bottles towards that, “And that can go towards preserving Kentucky, the Bluegrass, especially the Red River Gorge and just preserving that for generations to come.”
ABC36‘s Erica Bivens got a tour to see the bottling process firsthand from the time a bottle is returned to the plant.
“When the returnables come off, they first go through a visual inspection. We slow the line to about half the speed so they can visually inspect that,” explained Chamberlain.
Chamberlain says those bottles are typically reused six times, “They are thicker than a non-returnable bottle so they hold up to all the washing.”
Walking to the next stop, Chamberlain shows us the digital inspector. It uses an infrared light that shines through the inside of the bottle to look for any abnormalities.
“Then, we actually do all that once again before the bottles are actually filled. So they get inspected a total of four times on the line,” said Chamberlain.
In case anyone was wondering if the bottles are really clean, Chamberlain says there’s no concern to customers.
The bottles are filled at around 29 degrees Farenheit before they’re crowned. Then, they go through a warming process to get them to room temperature before they’re placed into the cartons.
From there, it’s moved to a palletizer to get shrink wrapped and then loaded onto the trucks.
Chamberlain says they run somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 longneck returnable bottles in a day, “40 minutes or so for one bottle from start to finish.”
It’s a 30 cent deposit per bottle that you p ay at the store, or $1.80 for a six-pack. When you return the bottles, the deposit is returned to you either through a gift card, cash or store credit.
For more information on the ‘1% for the Planet’, click HERE.
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