Puppy offers a helping “paw” to grieving Breathitt County student

JACKSON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Breathitt County student Taylor Smith believes music can help heal a broken heart.

She herself has dealt with grief this year when she lost her dad in January.

“We all seen it coming, but I accepted it well and I had to accept the fact that he had left,” explains Smith.

Taylor says the loss left her feeling a little empty. However, one month later she discovered something to help fill that void, a Siberian husky puppy.

Jasper was looking for a home at the time when he met Taylor in the back of a hardware store while she was picking up flood supplies.

“Something just clicked with us so that was the best impulse buy I probably ever made,” recalls Smith.

Taylor says Jasper has the same color eyes as her dad. In a way, she believes she was meant to find this pup who has offered her a helping “paw” while overcoming grief.

“He has a spark about him that was just like my dad’s,” says Smith.

Because Jasper brought her so much joy, she wrote a little song about him called “Puppy tape.”

She tells ABC 36 News the message behind the song is about helping others like her.

“For one, I think it can symbolize animal therapy and two, to not be ok,” says Smith.

The young musician says she plans to continue writing music to help others heal.

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