Pulaski Co. Deputy Charged in Domestic Violence Case

A Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputy has been charged in a domestic violence case stemming from an incident that allegedly happened nearly six months ago.

According to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Charles Boston was off-duty when he and his girlfriend, Regina Gravell, were at his home on Watson Road in early March.

They said the couple got into an argument and Boston tried to leave to prevent the situation from escalating.

But, deputies said that as Boston got into his car, Gravell climbed onto the trunk to keep him from driving away.

Investigators said Boston later grabbed a hold of her to try to pull her off the trunk, but slipped on ice.

Both Boston and Gravell fell, and according to an affidavit, Gravell received trauma to her head, a chipped tooth, and injuries to her face, neck, and chest.

After going through a number of court referrals, Boston was charged on August 28th with one count of fourth-degree assault, which is a misdemeanor.

The Sheriff’s Office said Boston had been assigned to administrative and desk duties as the case moved through the courts.

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