Public Meeting For Sewer Improvements

 Historically, big rains have meant big problems for Lexington due to sewer overflow. As we know, it’s taken court action to start to fix those problems.

 The first round of sewer improvement projects began in October of last year. The projects are expected to take ten years and cost around $600 million.

 All this comes after a lawsuit from the Environmental Protection Agency for alleged violations of the Federal Clean Water Act. The EPA says over the years, millions of gallons of untreated and partially treated water have gone into Fayette County creeks.

 Thursday night though, you can see what the city is doing in its newest project, improving the Wolf Run Trunk sewer. Lexington’s Division of Water Quality is hosting the meeting at 6.

 It’s going to give a presentation on a new line being installed. The DWQ says the project will help with sewer capacity for the area and cost around a million dollars.

 Bidding on the project is scheduled to happen next month with construction expected to start mid-summer.


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