Protesters mark Ark Encounter’s first year

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. (WTVQ)- Ark encounter in Williamstown has officially stayed afloat during its first year,  despite consistent protests.

Saturday, on the attraction’s first birthday, protesters gathered near the entrance.

They say they were out there because they think taxpayer money is benefiting the ark. That angers them because they say the exhibit is faith based.

Protesters from the Tristate Free Thinkers group tell ABC 36 they are not trying to sink the giant ship. They are just looking for honesty from the group behind the ark, Answers in Genesis.

They also say they want visitors to know the information in the exhibit is not supported by science.

That is an argument officials at the ark say is not true. Officials say there are several ways to support the information inside the attraction using science.

Ark encounter requires employees to sign a statement of faith. Protesters question why those working in areas such as the petting zoo and the restaurant must also align with the Christian faith. Ark officials say it is because those jobs are just as important as any other.

Protesters want people to know that there is more out there than what the ark shows.




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