Protesters call for President Trump to release his tax returns

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- The Kentucky National Organization for Women organized a “Tax March” in Lexington.

More than one hundred protesters met in front of the Fayette Circuit Courthouse Saturday afternoon to protest President Trump and call on him to release his tax returns.

People from across the Commonwealth traveled to Lexington to wave signs, chant and march in protest to President Trump’s decision not to release his tax returns.

“Everybody that’s in public office has an obligation to share their tax information because we don’t know what they’ve done in terms of supporting our government,” said Don Pratt, a protester.

“I think he’s hiding things and he’s very suspicious,” said Bonnie Koblitz, a protester.

“And I want to know if he’s paid any taxes,” said Virginia Meagher, a protester.

Protesters are calling on the president to release his returns immediately, so Americans can know exactly what his business dealings, financial ties and potential conflicts of interest are.

“I feel like if you’re going to represent the people, you need to represent the moral ideologies that they want and we want him to release his taxes,” said Phaedra Tribble, a protester.

“I think this lack of transparency. this hiding of what you’re doing actually hiding what’s happening before the American people is something that people need to be angry about,” said Richard Mitchell, a protester.

Protesters say they will continue to march until they see change and hope more people join the movement.

“This is wrong and we want to change it and I hope that these people will see in a completely non-partisan way that this is a human issue, an a civil rights issue and a women’s issue and a financial issue,” said Debra Fouts, a protester.


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