Protective Order filed against Lexington Police Sergeant

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A Lexington police sergeant is accused of stalking a woman after having an affair with her.

In court documents the woman involved details what she calls “alarming” and “deceptive” behavior from Sergeant Jervis Middleton, the now former public information officer for the Lexington Police Department.

According to the documents, the woman says she had been in a relationship with Middleton for more than a year when recently she started to get the feeling he was following her.

The woman says Middleton admitted to driving by her house multiple times, even stealing her cell phone and going through it.

The woman says she broke things off with Middleton a few weeks ago.

Then recently while having a group of friends over to her house she says her friend saw a man laying flat on her roof watching them through a window.

The woman says she believed it was Middleton but when she ran outside the man jumped off her neighbors roof and took off in a black SUV.

The woman filed the protective order for herself and her child writing, “because of [Middleton’s] status and the level of deceit, manipulation and stalking behavior” she fears for the temporary safety of herself and her child.

The order was signed by a judge Monday and says Middleton cannot contact or come within 500 feet of the woman and her child.

We reached out to Lexington police and the city for comment, both said they had no comment.

But just about a week ago, ABC 36’s newsroom got an email from the police department saying Middleton would be transitioning to a new assignment and would no longer be a public information officer.

That email did not give an explanation why.

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