How to protect your furry family members during the COVID-19 pandemic

LEXINGTON, KY. (WTVQ) – Although there’s only been one animal that has tested positive for coronavirus, pet owners should still be aware of what they can do to prevent their fur babies from catching the virus.

“Right now I am treating my pets just like I treat my kids,” Dr. Kevin Smith with the Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic.

He says right now his family is staying in quarantine and not going out and about, that includes his pets.

He says it’s all about being as safe as possible.

Avoid letting your pet have nose-to-nose contact, don’t let other people touch your pet and keep them at a safe distance.

Dr. Smith says he thinks they’ll be okay but it’s too early to tell so it’s better to be safe.

“Right now is really scary times and you know what I’ve found is our dogs at home really comfort us. They are loving us being home, they’re loving us being close to them. So right now, the CDC and the world health organizations say dogs and cats cannot get or transmit the disease but we’re just going to be overly cautious. Keep everybody in quarantine. Treat our dogs just like our kids. Treat our cats like our kids. Keep everybody safe at home,” Smith said.

The Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic wrote on its website saying, “Our family at Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic wants you to know that we are thinking of you during these uncertain times and are still here as a resource for your pet’s care. If you have any questions about services we can offer at this time, please call us at (859) 263-5037.”

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