More evidence, origin of red truck & barrel discussed on third day of Taylor Trial

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Testimonies continued Wednesday morning on the third day of the Alex Johnson Murder trial.

Robert Mark Taylor is accused of beating the Lexington man to death in 2013, allegedly over issues with Johnson’s successful marijuana business.

Johnson’s body was found in a blue barrel in the Kentucky River in early 2014.

Tuesday prosecutors showed surveillance video of a red truck and the same barrel they say Johnson’s body was shoved into.

Wednesday morning, prosecutors focused on establishing where that red truck and barrel came from and how Taylor may have had access to them.

Business owner, John Kennedy testified that he owned a recycling business in Lexington that had the same blue barrels.  In court, Kennedy said in 2013, he gave one barrel to Taylor’s Landlord who is now deceased.

Testimony from Taylor’s alleged accomplice, Timothy Ballard has yet to be heard in court.  Ballard accepted a plea deal and has agreed to testify against Taylor.

Ballard’s former employer John Johns was called to testify.

Johns says that he let Ballard borrow his red truck several times.  He also said in December 2013 Ballard asked to borrow his truck.  Johns testified that he arranged  for his son-in-law to put the truck key in his mailbox for Ballard to pick up.

The final witness called  before recess was Brandon Roberts.  Roberts said he met Taylor through a friend. He told the court Taylor would pay him to do odd jobs including cleaning his apartment. Roberts also testified that around the time Johnson went missing, Taylor paid Roberts to clean his garage.

Trial will continue Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. Ballard is expected to testify this week.

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