Proposed bill would require voters to show a photo ID at the polls

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A senate bill backed up by republicans would require people to show a photo ID before they could vote.

The proposed bill is endorsed by the state’s top election official, but it’s criticized by others.

The law in Kentucky says if you want to vote you must show identification, but there is no requirement for a photo ID.

The proposed bill would require everyone to have identification with a picture, your name, and an expiration date.

University of Kentucky law professor, Josh A. Douglas says people who often don’t have a photo ID include the disabled, minorities, and the elderly.

Douglas believes Kentucky will lose voters if we make it a requirement.

“It’s going in the wrong direction of voter turnout,” said Josh A. Douglas, Professor of Law.

Douglas has two theories on why the bill is being pushed.

“People think there’s a partisan motivation because the people who don’t have an ID tend to vote for democrats you know you talk about poor people, minorities, students,” said Douglas.

The other theory is that it would protect our elections and prevent fraud. That reason is why the new Secretary of State favors the bill.

The proposed bill says there would be a standard no-fee ID card for people who are 18 and can vote.

“It’s an added hurdle and most people aren’t going to jump through those hoops,” said Douglas.

The alternative options still aren’t enough to convince Douglas and other organizations like the ACLU.

The ACLU released a statement and it says, “…The real problem facing Kentucky voters and elections are our restrictive voting policies, and this mandatory voter ID bill will only make matters worse…”


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