Program helps businesses boost bottom line through better customer service

SOMERSET, Ky. (WTVQ) – A new program beginning next year will help hotels, restaurants ad retailers improve their bottom lines through improved customer service.

The Kentucky Wildlands Hospitality Program was announced Tuesday by Kentucky Wildlands and ExecuTrain to help businesses in southern and eastern Kentucky.

‘Elevate Your Service’ will be the theme of the certificate program. It will offer two types of classes. For front-line employees, the three-hour class will cover why and how to deliver excellent customer service.

For managers, the six-hour class will delve deeper into infusing hospitality throughout the business.

“Our businesses are facing great challenges right now, so it’s important to find ways to gain an edge,” said Tammie Nazario, who is The Kentucky Wildlands Director and Eastern Kentucky PRIDE President/CEO. “Hospitality training can give our businesses that edge, helping them attract and retain customers.”

“We are fortunate to partner with ExecuTrain to tailor this training opportunity to our region’s businesses,” Nazario said. “Not only does ExecuTrain have extensive experience designing training programs for clients worldwide, but also, it is led by a native of McCreary County, Crinda Francke. She is from our region, so she understands what we need.”

“ExecuTrain already has begun developing the training material, and it is very user friendly and engaging,” Nazario added.

“I couldn’t be more excited to work with The Kentucky Wildlands on such an important initiative,” said Crinda Francke, ExecuTrain President and CEO.

“Having grown up in the area, I think I took for granted what an amazing place in which I lived. There’s so much to see and explore,” Francke said.

Francke added, “2020 has given us all a greater need for serenity, peace and spending more time outdoors with those we love, so the Kentucky Wildlands is a perfect getaway!”

For information, contact The Kentucky Wildlands via social media links at

The Kentucky Wildlands is a regional tourism marketing initiative in 41 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky. The initiative was launched by Eastern Kentucky PRIDE, which is a nonprofit organization, with grant funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission and Economic Development Administration.

ExecuTrain designs, implements, and manages workforce and partner development programs for small, medium, large, Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 clients.

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