Trump, Putin meet in Helsinki

HELSINKI (AP) – Putin offers to interrogate 12 named in US indictments but calls claims of collusion with Trump campaign ‘nonsense’.

President Trump says U.S., Russia must find ways to ‘cooperate in pursuit of shared interests’.

Russian President Vladimir Putin: Moscow never interfered, will never interfere in internal US electoral process.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Cold War over, US and Russia need to solve problems together.

President Donald Trump has declared the summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin is off to a “very, very good start for everybody.”

Famous for his tardiness at official talks, President Vladimir Putin did it again Monday to U.S. President Donald Trump

Britain’s prime minister has launched a strong attack on Russia even as President Donald Trump is sitting down with his Russian counterpart at the Helsinki summit

An apparent protester has been escorted out of a joint press conference between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

With the golden World Cup trophy in hand, France’s victorious national team is returning home to a grand “Merci!” from a grateful nation that was sorely in need of a boost

The 12 boys and coach of the Wild Boars youth soccer team who were rescued from a cave in northern Thailand last are a multi-ethnic, cross-border crew, but some of them cannot even count on a permanent home because they are stateless.

Malaysian lawmakers have taken their oath in Parliament, including former premier Najib Razak, who faces corruption charges in the scandal that led to his coalition’s electoral defeat

Migrants aboard two border patrol ships have disembarked in a Sicilian port after a half-dozen European countries promised to take some of them in rather than have Italy process their asylum claims alone

Iran says if Trump wants to negotiate after pulling US out of nuclear deal, he’ll have to call

Former U.S. President Barack Obama Monday praised Kenya’s president and opposition leader for working together but said this East African country must do more to end corruption

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7/16/2018 11:28:31 AM (GMT -4:00)

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