Predicting the future of entertainment, post COVID-19

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – In our first segment, WTVQ ABC 36 News looked at the future of the restaurant industry.  Now we look at the future of entertainment post COVID-19.

Recently we saw the release of “Trolls: World Tour” skip right to our living rooms. Could that be a regular thing in the future?

“These big events when you don’t know what three months from now looks like it’s almost impossible to figure out how you do that in the same way you have been,” said cultural futurist Theo Edmonds.

A big concern for many, of course, is what COVID-19 means for UK sports. Edmonds has some good news for the future — they’re not going anywhere and the reason is stout, tradition.

“My grandma is 101 and she still looks forward to UK men’s and women’s games. It’s like clockwork for her, we’re creatures of habit. Sports may be the only place we can come together for a few hours despite political beliefs,” Edmonds noted.

He confirms what we believe, sporting events make people happy, even if that happiness lasts just for a moment. Edmonds says that, combined with the human need for belonging, is what will keep sports and entertainment relatively unchanged post COVID-19.

“As simple as they may sound, these create belonging cues that tell us we belong together, that’s important in how society moves forward,” Edmonds concluded.

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