Postal workers urge neighbors to keep mailboxes clear of snow

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- The cold temps and snow are not helping letter carriers catch up on the busy post-holiday delivery rush.

The post office says you can help keep letter carriers moving along by clearing the snow and ice around your mailbox.

Mailman Gerald Patrick has been with the post office for more than ten years. He says he always appreciates it when neighbors clear the way.

“If a walkway is cleared, we have access to a mailbox. It minimizes the chance of me falling, and we all fall. Trust me, we do,” Patrick said.

Patrick says this is a busy time of year for postal workers because there is a lot of carry over from Christmas.

Patrick says letter carriers cannot let the cold temps keep them from catching up on mail delivery. He says the cold can be brutal, but he relies on layers to stay warm so he can fulfill the postal service’s mandate.

“People expect and depend on the mail. You want your bills. You want your birthday card from grandma. You don’t want it sitting in the post office for several days. Even during some of our terrible ice storms, we’ve still been out there delivering the mail,” Patrick said.


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