Poll: Support Higher Than Ever For KY Indoor Smoking Ban

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The Kentucky Health Issues Poll reports 65% of Kentucky adults support a statewide smoke free law. 

"I think all that’s left is two," said Mike Chapman, a customer at the Cottage Cafe in Nicholasville.

Almost no restaurants in Nicholasville allow smoking.  The Cottage Cafe welcomes it.

"It’s a god given right that you can do what you want to in this country, and that’s the reason I come in here, because you can’t smoke anywhere else," said Chapman. 

Almost everybody eating lunch at the Cottage Cafe was smoking. 

According to the American Cancer Society, about half of all smokers will die, because of their habit. 

For the Cottage Cafe customers, it’s not a health issue.  They believe it’s about what rights a private business has.

"If she (the owner) was pushed to it, I’m sure she would have no choice, but as far as I know we’re going to continue smoking until they tell us we can’t," said Nancy Hines, the head waitress at the Cottage Cafe.

The CDC reports smoking takes about 13 years off your life.  The American Cancer Society’s Government Relations Director for Kentucky said there are no negative health side effects from a smoking ban.

"We just feel everybody should have a fair shake, and it’s everybody’s right to breathe clean, smoke free air in Kentucky," said James Sharp, the American Cancer Society’s Government Relations Director for Kentucky. 

Sharp says next week state representatives will introduce a statewide smoke free bill.

"I wouldn’t like it," said Chapman, "I’d obey it, but I wouldn’t like it." 

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