Political Analyst Stephen Voss talks power balance for Gov. Beshear and Sen. McConnell

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – There’s a run-off in Georgia for both senate seats and it’s not just a vote in Georgia, it could shift things for the entire country.

“You better believe most people in georgia know that they’re not just picking a couple of senators, they’re picking which political party will control the us senate for likely two years,” Stephen Voss said.

We talked with our political analyst Stephen Voss about what this means for Kentucky’s newly re-elected senator Mitch McConnell.

“The Georgia Senate elections will decide whether Mitch McConnell enters the next congress as majority leader, or minority leader, which is to say whether he controls much of the agenda in the senate, or whether instead he’s the loyal opposition,” he said.

An official change of power to a democratic senate would require both Democrat Georgia senate candidates to win, creating a split senate.

Voss says whatever happens, the margin still isn’t big.

“It will be a truly difficult balancing act to try to lead the senate, no matter which party runs it,” he said.
Meanwhile in Kentucky’s capitol, another power balance is also on the line..With the start of the general assembly Tuesday.

“The republicans unhappy with Democratic Governor Beshear are going to feel tempted to change the rules to, to strip some powers away from the governor, ” Voss said.

Throughout the pandemic, Republican leaders have been critical of the governor’s executive orders to battle COVID-19 also saying they weren’t included on decisions they felt they should have been.

“Usually state institutions don’t change very much until you get a situation, such as the one we have now, where one party gets such overwhelming power in the legislature that they can actually make some of those changes that they’ve been wishing or they had but but couldn’t implement for decades,” he said.

The governor has said he had to act quickly to save lives. He’s expected to veto any legislation that limits power, but Republicans have the numbers in both chambers to override vetoes.

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