Police search for suspect after multi-state semi chase

ALEXANDRIA, Ky. (WCPO) — According to WCPO, police are searching for a suspect they say stole a semi, loaded it up with stolen lawn equipment, then led police on a chase through two states, intentionally crashing into their cruisers in the process.

According to police, employees at AC Trucking and Warehousing in Sharonville, Ohio noticed one of their trucks taking a strange route around 3 o’clock Tuesday morning.

They called police, who say the suspect stole the semi in Sharonville, then drove to Amelia to load up stolen lawn furniture.

According to AC Trucking, the suspect is not an employee.

Police say they found the semi on Interstate 275 and pursued it onto US 27.

They say the driver crashed into other vehicles on the road intentionally, including police cruisers.

According to police, one officer was forced to jump from his car to avoid being hit.

Officers say the semi crashed on US 27 between Alexandria and Cold Spring, where the suspect ran off into a wooded area.

Police brought in search dogs and a helicopter, but were unable to find anyone.

They say the suspect has blond buzzed hair and was last seen wearing a copper shirt and jeans.

Police don’t know if he is armed, but they say the public should consider him dangerous.

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