Police say Paris Charles killed a woman in his home

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Paris Charles, a man accused of killing and abusing the corpse of his former girlfriend Goldia Massey, went before a judge Thursday.  A detective who spoke in court says he believes Massey was killed in Charles’ home.
Officers say the last time Zachariah Massey saw his mother alive was around September 21
st –  the same time police say her cell phone stopped working.  According to investigators, Massey’s phone was being used until the morning of September 21st.  A detective further adds that Charles’ and Massey’s phones were being used at the same location around that time.
They also say Charles’ phone was in the area of  a bridge at the Madison-Fayette County line near the Kentucky River, the same body of water that drifts to separate counties where Massey’s arm and torso were found.
Officers say when they searched Charles’ home they saw carpets and flooring had been removed and that several of the walls had been painted or cleaned. Investigators say they found Massey’s blood and DNA in several places of Charles’ home.
Defense attorney Leslie Smith says there was remodeling going on at Charles’ home.  The detective says the landlord confirmed that.
The detective says Massey’s torso was mechanically cut and her ribs were broken.  Her  body parts were sent to the University of Tennessee to see what they were cut with and to determine what other damage was done.
The judge says Charles’ case will go before a grand jury and that his bond will remain unchanged.  She says for a capital offense she does not have to set one and that she will not.
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