Police: Letter Threatens Woman’s Life

A missing man considered a danger to the community by police turned himself in last week but ABC 36 is learning more about why officials were so determined to find him. 

Junell Harris sent ABC 36 a copy of the letter she said James Caldwell sent her daughter.

In the letter are threats to kill Harris’ daughter, her family and even complete strangers.

Harris said her daughter is terrified.

Police said Caldwell was missing for six days.

Lexington Police called her dangerous because of threats he made to himself and others in the community.

Troopers said he was picked-up in Corbin.

Harris said Caldwell had been stalking her daughter for a year.  She said they tried to get a protective order months ago but were denied because Kentucky law says you have to be married or have a child in common to be protected.

“Last year it was bad but it didn’t get as bad as it is now and nobody did anything and it’s progressively gotten worse. How bad does it have to get?” said Harris.
Caldwell’s bail was set at $22,500.  At last check he was still in the Fayette County Detention Center.

He’s charged with stalking and terroristic threats.

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