Police department tackles ‘false narratives’ head on

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Frankfort Police have made a clear statement about the department’s efforts to further improve race relations and de-escalation tactics while not letting its officers or the community fall prey to what amount to scammers.

In a Facebook post Tuesday morning, the department said it would not stand for “false narratives” pushed through social media.

“The Frankfort Police Department works hard every day to provide the highest level of service to the citizens of our community. We are working to create even stronger ties through additional training in race relations and de-escalation methods. Earlier this week, we received a copy of a Facebook Live video from a concerned citizen that contained allegations of wrongdoing by some of our officers,” the department said in its post.

“Fortunately, our officers have in-car and body cameras and our investigation concluded the allegations were false. Officers on both occasions conducted themselves professionally and followed all policies and procedures. The individual has since removed the video from Facebook,” the post continued.

“We have offered to come to the table to discuss issues with any individual or group in our community. However, we will not allow individuals or groups intent on breaking down our community or creating division where there is none to provide a false narrative about our department nor its officers. We will continue to support those who are pushing for positive change and addressing those that simply want to create problems,” the department concluded.

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