Police ask for help finding traveling crime ring

INDIANAPOLIS, In. (WTVQ) – Police in Indiana say they’re requesting help finding victims of a crime ring that’s been identified in Kentucky and several other states.

The Burnside Police Department says it is currently investigating the ring under the Organized Crime Statute.

Officers say the ring is made up of three men. They say the men travel state-to-state and confuse store clerks into giving them more change than they are due.

According to authorities, the men do the “quick change” scam by taking out additional money after an initial transaction is taking place, and then asking for change while talking quickly.

According to detectives, on October 12, the group was seen driving a silver 2019 Infiniti Q60 SUV with Pennsylvania license plate, KXS9556

Police ask the public and local businesses to provide any information on the whereabouts of these men.

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