Plans in Place as WV Chemical Plume Passes Cincinnati

A chemical leak from West Virginia that spilled chemicals into the Elk River has prompted two groups in Ohio and Kentucky to create an incident command center in Cincinnati to ensure water supplies are safe.

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection and Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission joined in the effort to better develop and communicate water sampling and data collection as the chemical plume from the leak moves down the river.

The plume is expected to pass by Cincinnati and Covington later today and reach Louisville on Friday.

The DEP said should anything happen, every district has proper systems in place to filter the water and make sure drinking supplies are clean.

So far, the DEP has no report of any problems.

The 4-methylcyclohexane methanol spill began in the Elk River in West Virginia, flowed into the Kanawha River at Charleston and then into the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The spill left around 300,000 West Virginia residents without water supplies for several days.

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