Plane nearly collides with skydivers mid-air

A video of two skydivers nearly colliding with a plane in mid-air has gone viral since being uploaded on February 6, according to ABC News. YouTube user Forest Pullman, one of the skydivers in the October 19 incident above Thailand, describes the harrowing moment in the video’s description.

"The pilot dove the airplane 180 degrees right at me and my tandem passenger," wrote Pullman. "How we got so lucky?!?! Not sure."

In the video which has amassed over 600,000 views on YouTube, Pullman and the other skydiver jump out of the plane and notice a few seconds later that it is going into free fall. A few seconds later, the skydivers miraculously dodge the plane, and continue their descent to the ground, where they arrive safely.

"I have never heard of this happening," Pullman said in the video’s description. "After some research and talking to friends about it I now know of two other incidents like this. One is on you tube and he did not get as lucky as we did."

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