UPDATE: Health Dept. investigates Pizza Hut, driver threatens to spit in food

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Pizza Hut said a Lexington delivery driver was fired for sending threatening and disrespectful text messages to a customer.

The customer, Shirae Bledsoe, said on Facebook everything fell apart after she accidentally left nine cents as the tip when ordering pizza online for the first time.

In a Facebook post, Bledsoe said the driver called and said the pizza wouldn’t be delivered, also allegedly including disrespectful comments to the customers.

The customer then said she instead had to drive to the Waller Avenue Pizza Hut to get her food.

She said the delivery driver continued to harass them via text and said the pizza had been spit on.

The post has over 600 comments and nearly 2,000 shares on Facebook. Some commenting to report the Pizza Hut to the health department.

On Monday, Lexington Health Department said there were several complaints and it sent an inspector Monday to the Waller Avenue Pizza Hut.

The inspector didn’t find anything wrong and said everything was up to code.

The Health Department said the managers are well informed of the complaint and are aware of people’s concern.

A Pizza Hut Spokesperson said the driver was fired the same day as the incident, releasing this statement Sunday:

“We were shocked by the driver’s text messages but have no reason to believe anyone’s food was actually compromised. Nevertheless the driver’s threats and language are completely unacceptable and she has been terminated as a result.”



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